Tee-off times

Tee-off times for the Hamilton Island Golf Club vary slightly throughout the year, so it’s important to check them before you arrive for your game. 

As most people arrive on Dent Island via a ferry from Hamilton Island, the course’s tee-off times are generally in accordance with the ferry arrivals. This is to give you enough time to make your way to the course and comfortably complete your round.
The fist available Tee-off time is 7.20am and the last available Tee-off time for 18 holes is 1pm & 9 holes 2.30pm, applicable year round. 

How much time will you need for your game?

When planning your golf game, please remember that you need to take transport to Dent Island into account. The total time you will need (including return transport to Hamilton Island) will be approximately 5 hours for 18 holes, and 2.5 hours for 9 holes.

Where is the ferry located?

The Hamilton Island Golf Club ferry operates throughout the day between Hamilton Island Marina and the Hamilton Island Golf Club on Dent Island.

Ferries from Hamilton Island Marina depart every hour on the hour to Dent Island and return every hour on the half hour. The ferry transfer is included in your green fees and your ferry transfer will be scheduled at the time of your booking.

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